Room Customisation Utility

Every CardaStacks room in the MetaView Tower (residential tower) will feature a a design tool known as the ‘Room Builder Tool’ , which will enable users to manipulate and edit their minted rooms by modifying the structure, interior design, and/or furnishings within the footprint of the room.

– Structural Design and Construction

Our room builder tool will include configuration options to allow residents to fully customise their layout by dividing and constructing their space the way they choose. As part of this tool, residents that own neighboring rooms will have the option to breakdown neighboring walls to create a larger space to design.

We want residents to have the power to edit and modify the preset rooms and make them unique. Our room builder tool will host option to add materials and colours to walls, floors, and ceilings to empower residents to create something unique

The room builder tool will enable residents to upgrade their pre-set rooms with 100’s of furniture items (thousands in the near future). We aim to increase our catalogue by allowing designers to sell furniture and accessories via the room builder tool. These premium assets will be in the form of NFTs on the blockchain.

Residents who own rooms within CardaStacks MetaView Tower will be able to connect their wallet and select NFTs they wish to display. These NFTs can be either 2D art to hang on walls or 3d objects they wish to showcase.

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