Deluxe Room

There are 3,200 Deluxe rooms available in the MetaView Tower (residential tower).

To access one of the Deluxe rooms in the MetaView tower, community members will need to own a Deluxe keycard.

Deluxe rooms are the second most common room type as each floor between 52-100 consists of 64 Deluxe rooms.

Deluxe rooms are 2x larger than Studio rooms

3D Room Design

Each Deluxe room comes with a preset design layout which is fully customisable.

Floorplan & Layout

Neighbouring Rooms

One major feature within CardaStacks MetaView Tower is the opportunity to own neighbouring rooms.

Residents that own neighboring rooms will have the option to breakdown neighboring walls to create larger spaces to design and edit.

Note: The walls between neighbouring Deluxe rooms MUST be touching to allow breaking of walls

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