Economic Utility

This section highlights the economic utility of CardaStacks and the benefits of holding CardaStacks Keycards. Residents will be rewarded for spending time in the MetaView Tower, hosting events and renting rooms.

Hosted Events

We are creating features where room owners will have the ability to host free or premium events within their minted rooms.

– Corporate Events

– Social Events

– Sponsored Branded Events

– Pop-up Events

– Fundraising

– Educational Lessons


These events will be solely organised and managed at the discretion of room owners

Event hosts will be given tools and options to create either a free or premium entry.

Free events will act as open-door entry where residents and visitors can walk in and take part.

Host that choose the premium option, will be able to charge attendees an entry fee. Fees can be either charged in CardaStacks Tokens ($STKS) or ADA


The room rental utility will provide an entry point for visitors who do not have any rooms of their own, enabling them to participate in the ecosystem and get access like a resident

This utility provides a potential economic opportunity for room owners to charge fees in ADA or CardaStacks tokens ($STKS) to rent out their room(s) providing a utility not seen elsewhere in the Cardano space.

A number of rules and mechanics will be put in place to ensure that the system is fair and the experience is positive for community members. These rules are not limited to:

– Rooms can’t be listed on secondary markets or sold while rented

– Rooms can’t be modified by renters

– Tenancy arrangements via a smart contract

– Price cap on rentals


Residents will be rewarded in $STKS tokens for engaging and taking part in resident only community events, games, and other fun activities throughout the CardaStacks metaverse.

Visitors who do not own rooms will not be rewarded for resident only activities, however, will still have the opportunity to earn through various other initiatives.

More details about P2E will be released as the project develops.

Note: The economical utilities discussed above will most likely NOT be available on the launch of CardaStacks MetaView Tower, instead released in stages as the projects develops and matures.

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