Welcome to CardaStacks

The idea behind this project is how CardaStacks – the name of the project – is conceptualized. The word “carda” signifies that this project is closely linked to owning access keycard and it is on the Cardano blockchain.

The word “stacks” implies that, there are rooms (accessible by owning a keycard), these rooms will then be stacked to form a building.

Vertical Metaverse

We are building Cardano’s first vertical metaverse for communal living

CardaStacks is a 3D immersive virtual space easily accessible straight from your browser. We are building Cardano’s first vertical residential and commercial space all incorporated into our luxury skyscraper known as ‘MetaView Tower’. The first of many buildings to be developed in our dense cityscape

Our virtual tower will host residential living spaces, communal experiences, and storefronts where residents can explore and discover fun and interactive experiences, brands and collaborative projects.

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